Best tools to manage sizing for online shop manager, brand manager, and clothing designer

My Sizey creates a seamless shopping experience with automated size recommendations and a virtual fitting room. 

Create a virtual shopping experience

MySizey combines the best aspects of traditional retail and e-commerce by creating a 3D Virtual Fitting Room that shoppers can use in the comfort of their homes.

Increase engagement and conversions

Shoppers want to know they are getting the right fit. Take the guesswork out of sizing and inspire confidence in your brand and your shoppers

Find the perfect size for everyone

Avoid one of most common reasons for product returns by providing your e-commerce customers with accurate measurements on your products.

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What is My Sizey?

My Sizey is a service which links consumer with your web-shop. It’s a web-based plugin that integrates with fashion ecommerce sites to generate automatic sizing recommendations for shoppers based on their profile. My Sizey is also a 3D virtual fitting room for fashion sites. Our plugin allows users to “try on” clothes in a virtual space. 

How My Sizey Works

My Sizey uses propietary imaging technology and AI to automatically generate  size measurements that are accurate to within 15-20 millimeters. 

How do I use My Sizey?

With My Sizey users can create their personal measurement profile entering height and gender & take two pictures.

Our clever AI then generates a unique 3D avatar and body measurements that are accurate to within 15-20 millimeters.

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Seamless integration with major e-commerce platforms

MySizey’s plugin for fashion e-commerce is available for both Shopify & Woocommerce. 

Find the perfect size for everyone

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