Our mission

“I started Sizey to help online retailers and brand owners to bring the fashion industry into the 21st century.

Needless product returns impact both sellers and the planet. We just don’t need to do that anymore.”

Johan Wirta, Founder

Sizey leadership

Johan Wirta

Johan has been a leader in the retail space for more than 15 years. He’s passionate about innovation in tech and thrives by bringing solutions to life.

Jari Penttinen

A full stack developer with 20 years of experience. Jari specializes in web and mobile software development for scalable services.

Marjut Repo

Marjut is our measuring and sizing expert. With over two decades of experience in the fashion industry, Marjut knows how to get the perfect fit for anyone!

Matti Wirta

Matti has been a lifelong entrepreneur and continues to work at the forefront of tech. Matti creates incredible networks to connect leaders in the innovation space. 

Our mission: Drive sustainable Shopping

Sizey’s patented end-to-end solution benefits the whole supply chain to

   > Reduce unnecessary product returns

   > Drive sales & sustainable shopping

   > Build loyalty between brand, retailer and consumer

Our core values


The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in terms of Co2 emissions. Every step we take to reduce our carbon footprint means a greener and sustainable future. While the world works on long term solutions, we offer one today.  

Most ecommerce sites typically deal with a 30-50% return rate. Reducing this figure by even a fraction means a significant reduction in pollutants entering our air and water. 

Social responsibility​

We continue to see monumental changes in how we interact with one another. Fashion is global, and that means our actions impact people all over the world. 

More people want their products to align with their values. And we believe its imperative for fashion brands to embrace this change. 

In this sense, we feel Sizey’s solutions solve more than one problem. 


Fashion ecommerce businesses face the challenge of product returns due to ill-fitting clothing. Traditional store fronts still exist primarily so customers can interact with the product and try it out. 

In the same way a knowledgeable salesperson will find you the perfect garment, Sizey works to find the best pieces for your online shoppers. We believe in finding the perfect fit for everyone.  

Body positivity

It’s no mystery that the fashion industry often promotes unhealthy lifestyles and unrealistic bodies. The world is full of photoshopped models who aren’t representative of what the human body actually looks like. We want to change that. 

We want people to feel comfortable in their own skin and in the clothes they wear.

Find the perfect size for everyone

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