Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions about Sizey

MySizey is a web-based plugin that integrates with fashion e-commerce sites to generate automatic sizing recommendations for shoppers based on their profile.

MySizey also operates as 3D Virtual Fitting Room. Our plugin automatically creates true-to-fit 3D avatars for users they they can use to “try on” clothes on any site that uses our services.

And last but not least, MySizey simply works as a place to store and quickly access body measurements.  

Sizey360 is an add-on to Vstitcher that improves your 3D garment rendering processes.  You can create accurate avatars using Sizey’s imaging technology and upload them to your library instantly. Sizey360 has an automated rendering process creates instant measurement paths for newly created avatars. Learn more about Sizey360

You do not need to download or install anything as a shopper.

You can even try the service for free without an account. 

All our services work web-based. Just click here to set up and manage your profile. 

Our digital measurements are accurate to within one half a clothing size (15-20 mm) on average.  

It usually takes 1-2 minutes from start to finish and the whole process is fully automated. 

Once your profile is created, product recommendations only take a second.

MySizey is free for shoppers.

For e-commerce store owners, MySizey and Sizey360 have simple tiered pricing. Contact us for a free demo and quote. 

It takes around 30 minutes to integrate the Sizey plugin with your site. 

In order for MySizey to work on your website, you’ll need:

1) A registered MySizey account for your business

2) Access to the MySizey plugin

3) Body measurement size charts for your products 

After that, your customers are ready to find the perfect fit!

Sizey never saves any personal images. All images are converted to black and white silhouettes and then conclusively deleted.

We take privacy seriously. 

Sizey’s anthropometric measuring method was developed in cooperation with a Tampere University research team and patented by Sizey.

We have also worked closely with Aalto University and the Finnish Research Institute (VTT) over the past few years. 

Reach out if you’re interested to know more about how we produce the most accurate measurements out of any existing imaging tools. 

To use MySizey, users only have to enter their height, gender and two pictures. Our AI then generates a custom avatar, unique silhouette and size measurements that are accurate to within 15-20 millimeters. Learn more by watching the video below:

Yes! MySizey is a web-based application so you can use it on desktop, tablets and mobile. 

Yes! MySizey can easily integrate with both Woocommerce and Shopify. 

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