Size Management made easy with Sizey [/saɪzi/]!

Managing and sharing size charts & data between apparel brands and online retailers can be a great  a hassle.

SizeyHub removes manual work and provides accurate sizing to all your partners with less effort.

3 easy steps to enable Sizey AI:

1. Set up Size Management

Only 30 minutes to setup!

2. Connect to your web-shop

Takes only 5 minutes to setup!

3. Enable measuring

2 minutes and your shoppers have accurate digital measurements!

SizeyHub for all Size Management

With SizeyHub you can store & manage your brands’ / collections’ size data and link it with your or your partners’ online store catalogue. This enables easier and more accurate size recommendations for your shoppers.

Accurate fit & accurate charts

With SizeyHub you can easily store & manage all brand/collection size data in the cloud and share it with partners.

Flexible and intuitive tool

Customize & add size charts for your brand with local currency, symbols and numbers.

Link your products with size charts

Enable a first-class shopping experience with accurate measurements for your customers.

MySizey – Store Plugin for Digital Measuring

With MySizey shoppers can easily find their best fitting clothing size. They can generate new or use existing measurements for size recommendations.

Setting up MySizey

Getting started with MySizey is extremely simple and fast. It only takes a few minutes to install the plug-in into your store and synchronize your product data.

MySizey profile

Consumers will create their own MySizey profile. They can set their body measurements manually or generate new measurements with Sizey AI, which only requires two full body images.

Automatic size recommendations

Once the consumer has created a MySizey measurement profile, our system starts providing the best fitting size recommendations for all products.

Links product pages with size guides

Consumers’ shopping experience with accurate size recommendations is smooth and engaging, and helps to reduce product returns and increase profitability.

Integration with Shopify and Woocommerce

The integration with your online store takes usually less than 30min, and pays back the effort many times.

Brand Partners

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Find the perfect size for everyone

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