Our mission

“I started Sizey to help online retailers and brand owners to bring the fashion industry into the 21st century.

Needless product returns impact both sellers and the planet. We just don’t need to do that anymore.”

Johan Wirta, Founder

Our core Values


The fashion industry is the second largest industry generating CO2 emissions. Every step we take to reduce our carbon footprint means a greener future. While the world puts in place long term solutions, we’re doing our part now. 

Most ecommerce sites typically deal with a 30-50% return rate. By reducing this figure even by 15-20% for hundreds or thousands of sites means a significant reduction in pollutants entering the air.

Social responsibility​

In the last decade, we’ve seen monumental changes in how we interact with one another. Every one of our actions impacts people all over the world. Not only is sustainability important, but how we advertise, sell and value the products we buy. We want to know we’re doing the right thing. 

We want to make sure we’re running a mission-based company that solves more than one problem. It’s not just your world or mine, it’s everyone’s.


One of the last challenges that ecommerce faces is product returns and customers ordering the right fit. One of the reasons any brick and mortar stores still exist is so that customers can inspect anything they’re planning to buy in person. 

In the same way a knowledgeable salesperson will find you the perfect garment, Sizey works to find the best pieces for your online shoppers. No need for buyers to second guess whether something fits right, or if it’s their style. It just fits. 

Body positivity

It’s no mystery that the fashion industry often promotes unhealthy lifestyles and unattainable bodies. The world is full of photoshopped models who aren’t representative of what the human body actually looks like. We want to change that. 

We want to build a world where customers can actually see themselves in the clothes they want to buy. We want people to feel comfortable in their own skin and in the clothes they wear.


Johan Wirta

Johan has more that 15 years of experience in retail business, business development and innovations. He is passionate in R&D and to bring solutions alive.

Maria Mehlem

With Maria’s background and experience Sizey will boost up sales and scale up operations. She has built up concepts, sales networks and businesses both in home ground and abroad.

Jari Penttinen

Software development lead with 20 years of experience in software development. Specialized in web and mobile software development for scalable services.

Marjut Repo

Marjut is Sizey’s measuring brain. She understands averything about human body shape and digital measuring. As a measuring expert she has over 20 years of experience in fashion industry.

Matti Wirta

As a life time entrepreneur Matti has strong understanding in building good networks as well as understanding the wider picture of new and innovative business solutions.

Stephane Chotart

As an international retail expert Stephane brings solid knowledge to Sizey. He has hands-on approach and demonstrated history in leading successfully various missions. This know-how will benefit also Sizey .