Sizey's offering

Sizey is quick and easy way to let you shoppers find their own apparel size.

They only need two full body images to get accurate body measurements in just few second.

Our Size Management System lets your brand linking the accurate apparel sizing with your online store product data.

We can help your business to enhance user experience, reduce returns and make it more sustainable while earning better profit.

Johan Wirta, CEO and Founder

Size Management

Only 30 minutes to setup and

you’ve already enabled sustainable shopping.

Web-shop Plugin

Aditional 5 minutes that enables

your shoppers make better choice.

Digital Measurements

Digital measurements in 2 minutes

and your shoppers find their best fit in seconds.

Manage your apparel sizing easily and let your customers choose wisely their clothing size!

Within 30+ minutes you start saving money, make more sustainable business and help your customers choose more wisely!