The Virtual Fitting Room creates happy, confident customers

Take your ecommerce site to the next level by introducing the Virtual Fitting Room

Create a smoother experience for your customers

The virtual try-on experience creates a comfortable experience for your shoppers. They no longer have to worry whether a piece of clothing fits or not. Inspire confidence today.

engagement and conversions

Simplicity encourages multiple try-ons, and the seamless digital fitting experience leads to  easier connection between your buyer and your brand. 

Significantly reduce your return rates

The right fit means less product returns. And as a bonus, you lower shipping costs while improving your company’s sustainability. 

Let your customers see themselves in a virtual environment

Sizey’s Virtual Fitting Room makes it easy for your customers to imagine what they’d look like wearing your fantastic fashion. Every piece of clothing is different in the same way that everybody is different. Why not make it easier to see what works?

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Automatic 3D rendering of clothing

Our easy process makes it easy to get fully accurate renders of garments onto digital avatars

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Custom avatars for customers

Augmented reality creates the opportunity for customers see themselves wearing your shop’s rendered outfits

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Woocommerce plugin makes SIZEY setup easy

Getting started with Sizey is as easy as counting 1,2,3. Once the plugin is installed you can upload your garment measurements into the system

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Technical support for team at every stage

We want to make sure everything runs smoothly, so we offer technical support in setting up Sizey to run seamlessly on your site. 

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