Size Management like never before!

Manage your most precious digitally, save time, effort and money.

All your partners find the data in the right place when ever needed.

Share it with every business partner you want and make their life easier!

Accurate fit. Accurate Charts.

Create size charts for your collections, brands or apparel type flexibly to fit them with your clients body measures.

With Size Management Portal you can bring structure to the fragmented hazzle.

Flexible and intuitive sizing tool

Customize and amend size charts for your brand with localized currency, symbols and numbers.

Store all your charts in the cloud for easy access.

Link your products with size charts

Once you have linked your web-shop products with a size chart in Size Management Portal you’ll enable your customers finding the best fit for their body measurements.

Easy to use slider

Users add their measurements with a mobile-friendly slider to manually test their best fit.

Then it’s just a click away from a size recommendation. 

Select your plan. Set your charts.

Register to Size Management Portal and start being smart(er) with your size management.

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