Driving Sustainability Benefits All

Sustainability has become an essential criterion for online shoppers, and it makes a good business too.

Have you considered how your brand is positioned against this key industry trend?

The apparel industry plays a pivotal role in driving sustainable e-commerce; after all it’s one of the most popular online shopping categories and also generating a lion’s share of order returns. Implementing solutions that improve the purchasing process, inventory management and sizing recommendations have a huge impact on reducing costs and improving the bottom line.

Apparel brands often encounter operational costs due to inefficient sharing of product information with partners, product returns in retail and overproduction in manufacturing. Digital sizing solutions can help address these issues and reduce costs both inside and out of the supply chain.

Reduced Returns

Returns are a major cost for apparel brands, as they involve increased shipping cost, restocking cost and potentially discounting it for re-sale. Wrong size is the leading cause of returns, and due to inaccurate sizing information consumers often order several pieces of the same clothing. Digital sizing solutions can help to reduce returns by providing customers with a more accurate and personalized fit recommendation.

Improved Inventory Management

Digital sizing solutions can also help apparel brands to improve their inventory management by providing them with more precise data on customer’s size preferences. This data can be used to forecast demand more accurately and reduce the amount of excess or unsold inventory.

Increased Production Efficiency

With digital sizing services apparel brands can increase production efficiency by targeting assortments to better focused customer groups and market areas as well as streamline the internal communication between separate departments involved in the design process.

Reduced Customer Service Costs

In addition to the financial costs, returns can also lead to increased customer service costs, as customer service representatives must deal with return requests and process refunds. Digital sizing solutions can help to reduce these costs by reducing the number of returns.

Improved Brand Reputation

When consumers are satisfied with brands sizing and can find their own fit of clothing from assortment, they are more likely to return to the brand for future purchases. This can lead to improved brand reputation and increased sales.

Sizey’s Complete End-to-End Sizing Solution

Sizey’s digital sizing management service is a complete end-to-end solution that offers great benefits to the whole apparel supply chain.

Sizey provides an easy way to manage and share sizing data between product design and manufacturing, share sizing data with distribution network, and to offer a state-of-the-art size recommendation tool for online consumers.

Providing retail partners & merchants with accurate and up-to-date sizing data improves the efficiency and transparency within the whole supply chain, and in the end helps the consumer to make better and more sustainable choices when shopping online. Consumers can also generate and store digital body measurement data free-of-charge, and use it widely across different merchants.


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