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Sustainability in e-commerce with Sizey size recommendation

Sustainability in online retail is more important than ever. How is your business shaping the market? Sizey size recommendation offers to your customers a change to shop more sustainable. Adapting Sizey size recommendation service to your store you’ll reduce your returns and environmental footprint.

Free returns: The cost to the environment

Many online retailers offer free returns. As a result, customers often order more than they are planning to keep. Climate change and sustainability is now an unavoidable topic. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that we need to be protecting the environment, not polluting it further. This is not unachievable for retailers either.

Those online retailers that are increasing environmental awareness and enabling new tools to help customers with their online shopping experience, are likely to be more successful as customers seek out eco-friendly retailers to shop from. Sizey’s service gives user the right size recommendation based on accurate and systematic body measurements.

By adding the SIZEY size recommendation service to your online store, you’ll improve your customer satisfaction. While the store operates responsibly, the SIZEY recommendation service generates direct cost savings and improves your profitability.


Solution for sustainability in online retail

Sizey sustainability

27.5.2020 Sanna Eronen

We help on-line fashion retailers to reduce product returns and sell in more sustainable way.