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Smoother customer experience

The virtual try-on experience in the comfort of your customers own home ensures a safe and comfortable experience, leading to better customer loyalty and connection.

Increased online engagement and conversions

Simplicity encourages multiple try ons, and the seamless online try-on experience leads to easier connection and conversion between website and social media.

Significantly reduced return rates

As a result of reducing product returns, you lower shipping costs, while improving your company’s sustainability.

The main features

Automatic 3D rendering of clothing

When brands upload products to the Sizey portal, 3D renderings of that piece of clothing are automatically created. Customers can already see what the clothing looks like in 3D, without any customizations. Decrease the manual working hours and improve productivity.

Custom avatar tries on clothes in virtual fitting room

No more trial-and-error when it comes to trying on clothes. Your customer will have a very clear rendering of how each piece of clothing fits their exact measurements by dressing their avatar in the virtual fitting room.

Custom sized avatar created by customer

Potential customers take one full body image from the front, and one from the side. Sizey’s AI cleverly and quickly measures their sizing. The avatar on the product page automatically shifs from the default avatar to the likeness of your customer.

Increase sales, decrease your carbon footprint!

The privacy, safety and ease of getting fitted from home is unparalleled. Your customer can try on as many pieces of clothing from your inventory as they would like in record time, and will not have to second guess sizing or fit. This results in lowered return rates, and helps to save the planet, too!

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