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One Sizey fits all!

You deserve a shopping experience that is as unique as you are. Sizey’s 3D body measuring technology will pick the right size for you every time. We strive to create a positive and inclusive shopping experience in which one Sizey fits all.

The sustainable future of fashion

Sizey wants to help you lower your carbon footprint. Sustainability and doing our part to make the world a better place is at the heart of everything we do. Sizey’s intentional shopping experience and accurate measurement technology reduce unnecessary manufacturing, lower returns, and cut down on logistics.

Thoughtfully scale your company

Sizey aims to help online retailers thoughtfully scale their business by providing a cost-effective and advanced technology solution. The introduction of Sizey helps to reduce product returns and promote confidence in buying decisions, thus increasing sales due to improved customer trust.

"Our company wants to fight for the better future and do sustainable business. Sizey's service gives a great opportunity for this."
"Every online sales owner, small, mid size and large, should have a solution like Sizey's size recommendation.
This is just great!"
Business Executive
"I was amazed how fast, systematic and accurate Sizey is. How easy they have done it for the user.
We also need this."
UX Developer

Here's how Sizey service works in a webshop!

We want to help online fashion sales become more sustainable and increase profitability by inspiring consumers to a big environmental impact.

We are also fighting against body image issues with authentic and stress-free measuring that makes people feel better about themselves and their size.

With warmest regards, The Sizey Team