Sizey’s services give your business a chance to…


Reduce product returns with
Sizey recommendation.


Sell more with
increased consumer trust.


Be more profitable with
improved sustainability.

Why Sizey?

We help on-line fashion retailers to reduce product returns
and sell in a more sustainable way.

Sizey service gives user the right size recommendation
based on systematic body measuring.

How does it work?

Sizey Team

Managing Director, board member, M.Sc. (econ.) over 15 years of experience in retail business and innovations. Passionate in R&D and solutions. Sales, marketing and management. LinkedIn

3D Measurement Creative. Human body shape and digital measuring expert with over 20 years of experience in fashion industry. LinkedIn

Lifetime entrepreneur with more than 40 years of experience in b2b operations and business development.

In close collaboration with Sizey team Joni is leading research in human body surface measuring in mobile 3D, machine vision and machine learning. LinkedIn

Software development lead with 20 years of experience in software development. Specialized in web and mobile software development for scalable services. LinkedIn

Jarno is remarkable combination of capability and humility as a person, with „over 10 years of experience with C#, JavaScript, Python, React, Angular, REST juist to name few. LinkedIn

Helping Sizey’s marketing and communication with over 20 years of multi-role experience in brand management as well as branding and acquisition projects, e-commerce and online marketing. LinkedIn

Boosting Sizey’s journey with vast experience in b2c, design and retail for international growth. LinkedIn

Teemu brings great knowledge to Sizey’s board from his strong IT management background.


Project manager and sales assistant, B.Sc. (econ.). Variety of experience in business administration and international operations. LinkedIn

Developer of Sizey’s services and technologies with over 20 years of experience in C#, Python, Django, REST, Git, BDD, TDD, UnitTesting, Scrum, Kanban. LinkedIn

With a long experience in international business development and financing Jarmo is helping Sizey with investor strategy and sales. LinkedIn

Arnbjörn is a certified banker and holds an BA in international management and economics. Prior to founding Iceventure, Arnbjörn Eggerz worked in the financial sector (banking/family office) and has several years (12+) of start-up/SME/corporate and institutional project consulting in Germany, Italy, Austria and Iceland.


Service for online apparel retailer

Order size recommendation service based on accurate body measures for your online customers.

All plans include Sizey digital body measuring service free of charge

and personal api-key for your company.

Choose your Sizey plan here!

Sizey Tester

Free test plan for 3 months to try Sizey measuring and size recommendation service

Sizey Starter

10.000 Sizey recommendation events including 3D measuring

Sizey Pro

100.000 Sizey recommendation events including 3D measuring

Sizey Enterprise

Contact our sales to get a custom plan for your needs for Sizey services

Our values

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We fight for a better future
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Social responsibility​

We root for real people
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We are a brand you can trust



We believe in what we do

Our mission

To help online fashion sales become more sustainable and increase profitability by inspiring consumers for small measuring actions that add up to a big environmental impact.
We are also fighting against body image issues with authentic and stress-free measuring that makes people feel better about themselves and their size.

Our vision

To become 1) an innovator’s measuring technology, 2) under the parameters of today’s body image issues, 3) in a fight against clothing industry’s unsustainable impact on our planet.
We want to be part of a better future by reducing the environmental footprint and being a positive social influence. We hope to inspire other businesses to act the same way.